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"April 12, 1998 was the weekend I found a little black puppy at the Mayflower exit ramp off I-40. I pulled him from underneath a clump of tall grass, his hiding place for several days. I couldn't have picked a better dog to help me teach my son about the true and unconditional love that can only come from a dog. I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Wadley and his staff for the kindness and compassion they showed me and my family yesterday when it was time to say goodbye to our Tiger. Your kind act meant so much.....
-Lisa Cox

"At 69 years of age I have to say this is one of the best animal clinics I have ever been to...the staff are all outstanding=friendly and caring...Doc Wadley is a superb Vet- knowledgeable and caring and just a really nice guy...I highly recommend the clinic and Doc Wadley!!!"
-Luther A. Young

"Dr. Wadley is a wonderful and compassionate vet here in Mayflower. He has a great staff who are devoted animal lovers.  Mayflower is so lucky to have them all!!!"
-Diane Tidwell

"I want to thank the wonderful staff at Mayflower Animal Clinic. My pup was badly hurt and the staff has always seemed happy to take my many calls about what to do with my pup each day. I SO appreciate that I do not have to wait around to get into a room with my fragile pup and kindness abounds at this clinic. Also, the prices are the most reasonable around. Thank you all so much!!!"
-Jennifer Clinehens

"Dr Wadley and his staff are wonderful. I have a Golden Retriever and a English Bulldog. I wouldn't trust any other vet to treatment them. The staff is friendly and very helpful. Dr. Wadley himself will call you back to answer your questions and he is extremely knowledgeable. #1 Vet"
-Kelli Keyser Silor

"Thank you all for taking such good care of Gabby. I have been reading up on the hypothyrodism on the Internet. She has classic symptoms, frequent ear infections, dark skin on her belly, bouts of stomach issues (she eats so much grass I may not have to mow this year!!) Yep, you nailed the diagnosis. Again thank you. Will pick her up around 4:00 today. Expect many more clients in your clinic. All my friends have pets, (if they didn't they wouldn't be my friends!) I will send EVERYONE to Mayflower Animal Clinic and Dr. Wadley. Again thank you for the care you are giving us. Gabby's mom."
-Rebecca O'Neal

"I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Dr. Wadley and all the staff for taking such good care of Tally Hoo (left). She is home resting quietly and her sissy, Stella Blue is lying right beside her! You guys are awesome!"
-Tracy Garstka Laister

"I brought my dog, Allie, in for her yearly checkup and your staff is very friendly and helpful! You have a happy new customer:)"
-Nicole Keathley

"You guys are the best!!"
-Marie Aiken


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